Wednesday, 27 August 2008

A Sweet Little Baker

Here's a commission I recently finished for someone wanting a logo for their baking business. The colours aren't showing up on here as lovely as they are in real life. They wanted pastels and they don't scan as well as vibrant colours. I thought it was rather sweet though, nonetheless.

Saturday, 23 August 2008

Bakers Do It With Butter and Eggs

For the past few days I have been inspired to want to do something for a very special baker I know. Her recipes and books have helped me to pass away so many pleasant hours and I hate to tell you this but they've also added a few inches to my hips. In short she inspires me to want to be a better baker and I wanted to do something very special for her to show her how much I have enjoyed her body of work. I have 3 of her books and I love and cherish each one of them. I'm not sure if she will even want this gift, or even how I would get it to her if she does, but in the meantime I am posting it here so that she can come and have a look at it at least!

By the way I have decided to do my signature differently from now on. What do you think?