Thursday, 19 June 2008

Gathering Rosebuds

This was the first piece that I have done on an actual canvas. I did it on a box canvas so that it has deep sides. The sides are also painted as well as the front and so a person doesn't need to frame it. You can hang it just as it is.

I loved the whimsical look of this little girl with her basket of roses. She looks very pleased with herself!

I painted the sides with the same rose colour as the front only I added the cheery touch of some big white polka dots to dress it up.

I was thrilled in that this painting sold before I even had a chance to list it. Because it is on a boxed Canvas I was selling the original not prints. It is always a bit of a wrench to sell an original I think, kind of like selling one of your own babies in a way. I suppose I could still sell prints if anyone wanted them, but they wouldn't have the cheery polka dots on the side.

I think I may do more of these on the canvas as I am really pleased with the way this one turned out. What do you think?


Diane Duda said...

wow, you've been busy and it sounds like things are going well.
and, of course, you can never go wrong with pink polka dots. :)


cyndi/mom/nana said...

I love it. I come to your site because I love to see your creations. I especially love the polka dots you can never have to many and hey "you'll be spotted" everywhere. I need to get myself busy and get on over to your etsy site.

Vickie said...

It's very nice. I love the basket of flowers. I tried clicking on the image to see more detail. No luck. The dots make a great finish.

Vickie said...

Hi Marie,
Thanks for coming to visit my blog.
I don't know what makes the pictures larger when someone clicks. Mine just do. If anyone out there knows, fill us in. I'm not computer literate either. I'm using the trial and error and luck method. I also took a lot of years off to raise a family and am just starting to get back to art.

Raquel said...

I must admit, I am the one who snatched her up! Ms. Rosebud now resides in the state of Missouri in the US and we love having here here! This painting is even more gorgeous than shows on the computer, if that be possible! I will cherish her for years to come!

Flourchild said...

I just love your style..Im having so much fun checking these out! You have quite the gift. My daughter loves to draw too.. She 14.

lois lane said...

I'm not surprised this was snapped up! It's beautiful! She's beautiful!!